Baby gifts

Diaper cake

Have you ever had trouble searching and thinking of what to get for the newborns & toddlers birthday? You want something unique, convenient, yet does not cost too much. At Farra Design we made it possible for you to have such gifts delivered to your doorstep.

Diaper cakes is a unique and creative Baby Shower gifts. They make perfect gifts for arrival of Newborn, and Baby's 1st Birthday, and can be given to new parents anytime after the baby is born. Best of all, the ingredients can actually be used for new baby boy or baby girl. Diapers are the one of the VITAL NEED for each and every newborns. Parents will love it! No matter how many diaper cakes they receive, they'd be utilizing them to the max, and it definitely would not go to waste!

Why diaper cakes?

1) UNIQUE and different than the typical gifts.
2) USEFUL which parents would not be smiling to their ears with an extra helpings of diapers?
3) BEST SOLUTION for those who would love a personal touch in their gifts, because we personally pick the baby items according to your request and 'bake' them in the most presentable way.
4) CURRENT TREND for baby gifts. So all you trendy people out there, what are you waiting for?
5)  Most probably will be the CENTER PIECE for celebrations e.g baby shower, aqiqah ceremony, birthday parties etc.

You can customize the cake from huggies ultra diapers and top them up with other cool baby gadgets and cute rompers, blankets, bottles and other baby stuff.

Other than diaper cakes, we too have other types of gift cakes for you. Browse through our selections for more information on those products.

We welcome custom orders, where you have a choice of selecting everything from the size of the diapers we use (huggies ultra), to the colors and size of the cake (based on your budged), so if you do not see exactly what you want, while browsing through our selections, we will be happy to make it for you. 

So there's no more reason to be common and boring. Be creative and stand out among the crowd! Email or text us trough email, blog or facebook if you have any enquiry feel free to contact us.

* items list can be customize / change to your preference and chosen design.

Design 01: motorcycle diaper cake. Consist of 3 romper, 1 set  pyjamas, 1 set mittens, 1 set booties, 1 small hand towel, 2 bibs, 1 bottle, 1 pacifier  and 8 huggies ultra dipers. Price starts from RM180 to RM400 depending on items brand. *Teddy bears are sold separately.

Design 02: Flower Bucket. Consist of 1 romper, 1 bib, 1 set mittens, 1 set booties  and 8 huggies ultra diapers. Price range from RM40 to RM100.

Design 03: New Walker. Consist of 1 romper, 1 hooded swaddle, 1 headband, 1 pair of socks  and  1 pair of shoes. Price range from RM100 to RM250. 

Design 04: Baby Blossom. Consist of  1 small tin of newborn formula milk, 3 romper  and  2 pairs of socks. Price range from RM130 to RM400.

Type of hamper/gift:

1. Birthday
2. Anivessary
3. Aidilfitri
4. Newborn / baby/ kids
5. Wedding
6. Etc

 *all items are exclude postal or delivery charges.

Baby book

This baby book created for early learning for baby and toddler.  books made from safe material, soft  and  washable.  Size of book: 10cm x 10cm

* Books are customizable.  Book price starts from: RM24 (varies by page quantity  and  design). Any query please email us at

Baby cube

Early Learning toys for baby and toddler: made of safe material, soft  and washable. Alphabets are embroidered. Size: 5cm x 5cm x 5cm

Cubes are customizable by name (6 alphabets for one cube), alphabets and numbers or order by set (eg: "B", "A", "L", "Q", "I" & "S" = 6 cube. Price starts from RM8 (vary to design details and complexity).

Any query please email us at